Lamy Dialog 3 (announcement)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's buzzing on the internet in foutainpen-country. A new capless fountainpen is coming. The manufacturer is Lamy. The name of the pen will be Lamy Dialog 3. I don't know for sure but I think it is their first capless design. On different foutainpenforums and networks it get's praise or some people say it looks like a flashlight. So it will be a pen you either love or hate.
German fountainpenforum
International fountainpenforum
lamy dialog 3

I never had a capless foutainpen. But I like the design of the pen. The pen will cost about $ 225,= - $ 300,= The pen is due in september 2009 and can be pre-ordered on Swisher Pens (fine writing instruments & stationary)

Some pictures I found on the internet:
Lamy Dialog 3
It look like the cap can get of the barrel so that you can also fill the pen with a converter.

Lamy Dialog 3
Here's picture you can see the Dialog 3 in reference to the Lamy 2000

Please let me know what you think of it.


Speedmaster said...

I want this pen!!!! I'm already a big Lamy fan, several Safari/Al-Stars, Lamy 2000, and Lamy Dialog 2. ;-)

J M Pennifeather Fountain Pens said...

UK will receive the dialog 3 late October. J M Pennifeather currently have it at 10% off and are taking pre-orders, their web

Unknown said...

This is not the first capless fountain pen. Pilot has clicking fountain pen. Its nib retracts on pushing the click. However, Lamy design looks great.

Anonymous said...

Got one :-)
EF nib is not as fine as F nib from Pilot.
Need to write a review (will be done on twitter @ddofr)

Richard said...

Great let us know what you think

Anonymous said...

I've got the pen!!!! It stinks!!!!

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