Just pre-ordered Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Vivid Red LE

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just ordered a Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Vivid Red LE at WorldLux. It is a 2009 Limited Edition, and is my first vanishing point fountain pen. It is also my first Pilot Namiki pen.
Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Vivid Red LE

The intense, vivid red barrel color makes a bold and impactful statement. Its ingenious push button mechanism, twist converter and pocket clip position still make this fountain pen the most technologically advanced available today. Style is uncompromised, as this special new color offering is sure to make a fashion statement.
Namiki Vanishing Point Vivid Red LE

The Limited Edition Vanishing Point Vivid Red Fountain Pen comes with rhodium accents and an 18-karat gold medium nib coated with rhodium plating. Each pen will be individually engraved with a serial number to ensure a one of a kind piece. Beautifully merchandised in a leather-like gift box, the Vanishing Point is truly a pen for the new age. Only 2009 available world-wide, 850 in the U.S.
Namiki Vanishing Point Vivid Red LE


Grammar Mom said...

I hope you like this pen--what a terrific color! I have an older model in a forest green--it's a slightly smaller pen, which I prefer. After I thought I lost my original Namiki, I ordered a new one (also in forest green). It was significantly larger, and I've never used it. I love writing with my older Namiki. It is the most comfortable pen I own because of the smooth transition between the nib and barrel.

Steve said...

Great Pen!!!! you'll love it! the only bad thing i heard people say about it is the clip gets in the way for some people. But I love my VP!! i wouldn't trade it for the world!

Mark Bacas said...

I have a feeling these will all be gone soon. It seems like the purple and orange are hard to find now. It's a good thing you ordered yours early.

Like the site.

- Mark

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