Review Private Reserve Ebony Blue

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I got this nice bottle from Art Brown International Pen Shop. They have a lot of ink en pens. The order came quickly trough international mail. Great service guys!
Private Reserve Ebony Blue
I was really surprised by this color Ebony Blue of Private Reserve. It is not blue, it is green-blue. And I love it! It can be an all day color to use, even for business people. I tested it on my Moleskine Journal book in a Lamy 2000.

Written review:
Private Reserve Ebony Blue
If you can't read my writing here is the translation:
"Thursday, august 6, 2009

Lamy 2000 (fine nib) filled with Private Reserve Ebony Blue.
Even though the Lamy 2000 is a wet-writer, this ink does not bleed trough the Moleskine paper (only some tiny dots).
It is a nice blue-green color. When the ink is dry it has a nice shading from green to blue.
The ink dries slow, after almost 40 seconds the ink is still a little wet. The color can really be used for business-people because it is not to shiny.
I think I'm gonna leave it a while in this Lamy 2000.


I just took the pictures for this review. I noticed a reddish-glow in the ink wich is hard to see by the eye. But if you keep the page in the light you can see it. I noticed this glow also in Private Reserve American DC Blue. Is this a trademark for Private Reserve?
Private Reserve Ebony Blue

I give this ink a thumbs up for Moleskine-friendly ink. You can use the other site of the page without making a mess of it. I like the greenish-blue color with the creamy pages of the Moleskine paper. I leave this ink some time in this Lamy 2000 fountainpen.
Private Reserve Ebony Blue

Just buy this ink if you want to use it in the beautiful Moleskine notebooks. The guys at Art Brown International Pen Shop will be gladly send you one bottle....... or more ;-)
Private Reserve Ebony Blue
Private Reserve Fountain Pen Inks are among the best inks available today; purchase from one of our many dealers. We think you'll be happy you did. Now in 37 colors, neutral ph., excellent coverage, smooth flow, vibrant colors, non-clogging, fast drying, classic deco bottle design, made in USA


Speedmaster said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, great review! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know the ink works with Moleskine notebooks. Thanks!


Sara said...

i love this color~! so unique but classic at the same time. adding it to my ink list of must-find-a-way-to-get :D

Anonymous said...

PR Ebony Blue is such a great color and unique enough to be a signature color, something I wouldn't say about most blue inks.

BTW your handwriting is very easy to read. No "translation" necessary. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos here.

Fabrimedeiros (Fabricio) said...

Nice review! Great pics!

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