How I use my Moleskines (part 1 of 2)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some people are new to journaling stuff or note taking in just one black book. Some of you are real ‘black-belt’-note takers in a blackbook. If you are new to this I hope this article can inspire you to start using these wonderful blackbooks. If you are ‘black-belt’ I hope you have some nice tips for me.

At school I learned to take notes on lose papers. When I came home I ordered them all in one archive-folder (tabbed in sections or not). So writing in a black book was new to me. I thought hmmmm how you going to find something in their when there are no sections or dividers.

I became attracted to Moleskines when I was doing GTD-searching on the net after reading David Allen’s book of Getting Things Done. There where some amazing Moleskine-hacks.
Moleskine - how I use it
I first bought one Moleskine-book and tried these hacks to implement the GTD-system. But soon I found out it is not the things you use but the system you have. When you have the system right then you can use anything you want, from electronic devices to a simple plain notebook. It can be a Moleskine but it can easily be another notebook. One Moleskine book led to another and so I became a passionate user.

My GTD-system was altered and squeezed to my fitting. I do some electronic (like agenda, next action lists etc). But I also do some with plain writing always with fountain pens.

I want to do some articles about how I use my Moleskines. You can get hopefully some inspiration and transform it into your needs. Currently I am using four Moleskine-books I want to share with you:
1. Holiday journal - Moleskine plain pocket is a journal about holiday’s, concerts, little days out with family.
2. Studiobook - Moleskine ruled large is a note keeping book of my home-music-studio. I take my notes of bands, appointments, tasks, new gear, hopes and dreams.
3. Workbook - Moleskine squared large is an allround book I use for my work. It contains notes, sketches, price offers, index of projects, some GTD-stuff etc.
4. PortfolioMoleskine Portfolio A4. I use as traveling and distribution book while traveling.
In the pictures I left out the personal names to keep some privacy.

1. Holiday journal (also concerts, day’s out with the family) – Moleskine plain small
This was my first small-plain Moleskine. I use it as a journal on my holiday’s. I also draw in it, glue pictures in it, glue receipts in it etc. I numbered the uneven pages 1, 3, 5 ---- 191.
Moleskine - how I use it
The first few pages I use as index-pages. Above page 20 I use to journal the holiday’s. I did not know how much the index would take so I am on the safe side I think.
Moleskine - how I use it
On the back I wrote the date I started it. When it is full I put the ‘stop’-date besides it. I choose the small one so I could take it anywhere. I choose for the Moleskine-plain because now I can write, draw and glue pictures in it.
Moleskine - how I use it
I think I’m gonna buy a Poloroid PoGo so I can stick pictures I took on the holiday. It looks like a perfect journaling-companion.
Moleskine - how I use it
Here's some drawing I did. I know I'm not very talented, but I am willing to learn
Moleskine - how I use it
Some writings and thoughts about holiday's and the last one about the movie Angels & Demons.
Moleskine - how I use it

I hope this first article gave you some inspiration. if you liked it or have tips for me please leave some comments I always like that.

(part two of the article)


Unknown said...

Very nice. I use a Moleskine Sketchbook for things journaling trips because the paper is heavier than a plain notebook and holds up to pasting photos and ephemera.
I like the idea of the Polaroid Pogo. But, one more thing for me to lug around.

Anonymous said...

I like your GTD system , I was thinking of pasting the contrexts to the side, on the post-it tabs, but for some reason, I decided against it. Now that I think of it, it seems like a better idea!


Anonymous said...

I love that you show your actual journal pages. Great job! I like using the Moleskine Sketchbook as an all around journal because the paper accepts a variety of mediums and the pages can take abuse. You never know what you will want to doodle in your journal and the heavier pages are more forgiving. They can even handle photos being pasted on the surface.

W6NZX said...

I have not mastered the GTD system yet I'm two free form.

I carry two Moleskines, a pocket sized reporter that I use to collect ad-hoc data in which later gets transfered to 3x5 cards as needed, that are binder clipped to he reporter.

Also cary a pocket size softcover rulled journal which just my day to day diary, it is also filled with recepts from fun events, cartoons I Like, news articles, interesting pictures printed from my camera phon and other places etc.

By the end of their use I've glued/taped them back to gether a bunch of times, but I like that :-)#

aissatou said...

I admire your keeping so many. I am a long time journal keeper and some of what you use your journals for I am doing only now. I have been most productive in this latest moleskine red large plain journal w/o lines. I also am a procrastinator and poet. The journals have always been the birth of many if not all of my poems, I have found that when I directly write down what I intend to do as goals, or things I need to accomplish, they get done if I write them down and then check them off once done. I only have to write them down and on a subconscious level, I tend to get most, if not all done. Since you have several uses, have you tried to keep less than the amount of journals, but maybe keeping one journal with many pages? I can't think that long term, but you might be able to do this with adequate separation. I am just thinking about the number of journals you are having to keep up with a one time. Well, I am looking forward to part 2. Thanks, I did get some confirmation and ideas from this part from you. B Well

João Nunes said...

One suggestion: if you start your index from the end you don't have to worry with leaving enough pages for it. When writing pages reach the index pages, you start a new Mole.
Hope it helps...

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