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Monday, August 3, 2009

I bought my Noodler's Cayenne from World Lux Seattle (United States). They have great service. One bottle broke and the whole shipment was covered with Noodler's Cayenne..... really messy. When I reported this they send me a whole new shipment. Great work guys. A good company can be measured at their customer service. Well in this case I can recommend World Lux.
Noodler's Cayenne

OK to the ink. I always use Moleskine Journals for all my journaling, note-taking, etc. Moleskine and foutnainpen ink have a sort of love-hate relationship. Some ink bleeds trough the paper very much others don't. Noodler's Cayenne does not bleedtrough the pages in combination with my Lamy Vista (fine nib).

I really like this color. It is the extra color always at hand besides my daily use of Noodler's Black or Montblanc Blue Black.

Written review:
Noodler's Cayenne
If you can't read my handwriting here's what is says in the picture:
"Monday (got it wrong in writing), august 3, 2009

Lamy Vista (fine nib) filled with Noodler's Cayenne.
In my opinion it is a great red color. The ink does not feather or bleedtrough on this Moleskine paper.

The ink has great flow in this see trough Lamy. The color tends a little bit to orange.

Beside the Noodler's Black and Montblanc Blue Black this is the color I most use for accenting or underlining.
The shading is great and the ink dry's in about 20 seconds.


Bleedtrough on Moleskinepaper:
As you can see in this picture their is no bleedtrough
Noodler's Cayenne
I must admit. When I put the ink in a Montblanc 146 (fine nib) which writes wetter and broader some bleedtrough occurs. But it stay's within the limits of what I think is ok. Writing on the back of the page still is good possible without getting all messed up.

Noodler's Cayenne

Combination of Lamy Vista (fine nib) and Noodler's Cayenne works great for me on Moleskine paper. I can recommend this ink to you.

Noodler’s Ink” has the lowest cost per volume in stores that carry it and it's 100% made in the USA from cap to glass to ink. The ink with the catfish on the label symbolizes a southern sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play — and thus a fair price.


Denis Brown said...

Actually, that is the cheapest is yet another myth about Noodler's. Pelikan is the most affordable, and in my humble oppinion, a much better formula, made for pens by a pen company with a century of experience. I like inks that respect my pens, and Noodler's does not: clogs, stains, ruins a writing instrument I love. Nice colors, (mostly copied from the original makers), but a long way to go before it can be considered a quality product.

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Another nice review.

Unknown said...

Good job on the review. I have used the exact same combination of Noodler's Cayenne in a Safari Vista with fine nib and think it's a great ink (and great pen). I especially like the shading that the ink gives you, from a rich orange-red to almost yellow. Beautiful stuff.

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