My discoveries for 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last year I did a post on what my discoveries were for the year 2009. It was the year of me starting this blog. Many of you readers responded and I was a little bit overwhelmed. I thought I was the only one with this strange hobby. Past year I blogged less because of my disease in april 2010. But I overcame and lost almost 30kg (66 pounds). I want to thank you all for the sweet responses on that. It gives me a boost to start blogging again.

The trouble with some ink in Moleskine notebooks was the trigger for my 'quest' for Moleskine friendly ink. I found a lot of inks that performed outstanding in a Moleskine. I labeled them as 100% Moleskine-proof. Past year I discovered a great replacement for my personal journal through out the year. It is by far the best notebook I tried so far. The paper is fountain pen friendly. The paper is 90grams, crisp white and shows no see through or bleed through on any ink in any fountain pen I used so far. So why should I bother trying to search for Molsekine friendly ink when I can use any ink in a notebook that is better then the Moleskine! I have to rethink my blogging in the coming year on that.

I will start posting again

Monday, December 20, 2010

I have not blogged for a while. My last post was from june 2010. The reason was simple I invested my time in something else.

In april 2010 I was hospitalized for one week. The doctors diagnosed diverticulitis. It is a disease that is more often diagnosed on older men (grrrrr, I'm not that old!). But they saw it more and more on younger men with overweight.

I was 121kg (266 pounds) on a length of 1,87m1 (6,14 foot). Off course I knew for a long time this was not a good thing for my health. But it was hard to get it right between the ears and do something about it. Being in that hospital for a week I made a commitment to myself and my family, "I am going to lose some weight".

My goal was being 100 kg (220 pounds). I started running, bicycling, and eat less. I told my friends I would not drink beer or alcohol until I reached my goal.