How I use my Moleskines (part 2 of 2)

Monday, August 17, 2009

In my previous article I showed you how I became a Moleskine-fan. I also showed how I used my small-plain Moleskine book as a holiday-journal. In this article I want to show you how I work in my Studiobook and Workbook.

2. Studiobook - Moleskine ruled large
Moleskine - how I use it
I own a small sound studio in our house. I can record here bands who want to make audio recordings. I use Digidesign Protools HD. In my Moleskine large ruled I take notes of recordings, I make my next-action list for several bands and recordings.
Moleskine - how I use it
I also place pictures of gear I want to buy and why I want to buy it. Sketching technical details of how I want things to adjust in the future. I numbered the pages of this book and have a index in the front of the book.
Moleskine - how I use it
Because of the sketching and drawing diagram’s the next book will be a squared Moleskine.
Moleskine - how I use it

3. Workbook – Moleskine squared large
My daily job is leading a small company that makes wooden frames for houses. Every project is custom based and needs to be calculated. It is imported that we keep track of al these calculations.
Moleskine - how I use it
Moleskine - how I use it
So my GTD-system comes in handy here. I use the book primary for note-taking every day. This book has all the pages numbered and has a project index in the front.
Moleskine - how I use it
It also contains my next-action list divided by @waiting for, @office, @calls. I use post it tags to find the lists I want.
Moleskine - how I use it
When my notes are project-related write the project number before the note. In the project index I also keep track of the notes by putting the page number behind the projects.
Moleskine - how I use it

4. Portfolio – Moleskine Folio A4 Portfolio
This one I use as traveling companion. It is sort of a gathering and distribution system. This new Portfolio A4 has big pockets and special long fiber paper makes it durable to file documents and drawings.
Moleskine - how I use it
The first big pocket is my inbox. Everything that has to be processed is getting in there. In the second pocket I put what has got to go to home’s inbox so it’s processed there. In my third pocket I put the things that have to be processed at work.
Moleskine - how I use it
The Moleskine A4 Portfolio fits perfect in my business bag. It is a great addition to the Moleskine family

I hope by reading this you where inspired a little bit. If you have some tips for me please let me know. I have a few more Moleskines. A large Moleskine sketchbook is one of the things I bought recently. But I don’t have enough experience so I can show you.

I hope you had some inspiration reading this article in two pieces. Maybe you also have some great ideas. I would like to read about them so please leave some comment.


Sam said...

Really interesting system, it's always good to see how other people organise their lives - helps me organise mine!

Speedmaster said...

Very cool post! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do regular A4 sheets fit into the pockets of the A4 portfolio?

Richard said...

Hello anonymous, yes A4 sheets will fit in the A4 portfolio, their is some extra space. Look closely at the picture and you will see the extra space. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Dre Fillmore said...

What about those bright labels? Where are those from? Or are they custom?

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Woodworker said...

That are labels from my Brother PT-9500PC. It works on Mac and Windows. A super machine!

Dolly Garland said...

Great post. I love learning about how other people use their journals, and especially moleskines :-) I'm a moleskine addict too.

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