Paperblanks Lindau Gospels

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Holland we have on the evening of december 5th the celebration of Saint Nicholas. That's when we give each other presents and make rhymes with the presents. You can compare it with Christmas morning when parents give presents to the kids under the Christmas tree. Saint Nicholas is coming from Spain with a boat and has a white horse. It is similar to Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas is dressed like the picture on the right.
My wife bought for me a Paperblanks Lindau Gospels notebook. It is a luxury notebook with a magnetic clip. This Paperblanks is a true amazingly fine piece of art.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels

Lindau Gospels
The covers of the Lindau Gospels were designed to inspire awe in early Christian onlookers. The book was carried in processions and displayed on altars. Its component parts originate from different times and places; The back cover is recorded as being created near Salzburg between 750 - 800 AD. Originally tooled in gilt, silver and enamel and elaborately decorated with juwels, it is a powerful manifestation of art as a vehicle for belief.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels

The outside
It has an outstanding design with a magnetic clip that fades into the rest of the artwork. When opening this masterpiece the book lays flat on the table. It has the feel an the looks of a very expensive piece of work.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels
The book feels rich but feels also very solid. The pictures on the outside are very detailed. If you keep looking you see each time something new.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels

The inside
On the inside the beauty continues. It has a firm back pocket and a nice orange ribbon. Everything breaths luxury in this beautiful notebook. It is not as the Rhodia webbook where on every page you see the company logo. In this Paperblanks only a small logo in front of the book.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels

The paper
It may all be beauty but if the paper sucks it is just a lousy notebook. But that is not the truth here. The paper is great! No really! It is lined with a very thin dotted line every 8mm (0,31inch). The line are not going to the end of every page but stop at 10mm (0,39inch) of the page. The color is whiter then Moleskine paper, but not as white as Rhodia paper.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels
It is really amazing paper. No ink I have showed bleed through of feathering. Drying times of fountain pen ink was a bit longer then on Moleskine, but was not as long as Rhodia paper. To bad they don't make just plain black notebooks. On the website I only could find true art pieces.

How I use it
I could not just use it for taking notes. I wanted this beautiful book for important things. I decided to write in this book al the wisdom quotes I like.
Paperblanks Lindau Gospels

Dimensions 180mm x 230mm (7" x 9")
144 pages
Magnetic closure
Fountain pen proof with a lot of inks

At Paperblanks® we have been producing superb writing journals for nearly twenty years. We are book people, and we believe that the written word matters and that our blank books have a critical role to play in the art and continued practice of writing itself. We are also committed to being responsible global citizens; by utilizing acid-free, sustainable forest paper and 100% recycled binder boards, and by striving for carbon neutrality, we advocate social and environmental responsibility, and support organisations that do the same. Our environmental stewardship goes hand in hand with our critical standards. We take painstaking care with every detail of the process, from the individual book components to the well-being of the craftspeople who put them together.

Conscientious bookmaking, innovative design and careful handiwork all go into the production of Paperblanks®: quality writing journals that we can all feel good about using and owning. Whether being used to record thoughts, ideas, stories, poems or another craft, our journals’ perfect marriage of imagination and art always inspires a unique writing experience.


Bram van der Bruggen said...

Ah cool! Always thought I was the only one that kept a notebook to record quotes in! :-) (and I put some of them on my website as well)

Catherine Todd said...

I love Paperblanks journals, and the Lindau Gospels. Can't wait for mine to arrive. Wish I had decorated the Gospels. One day I will. Thanks for your blog and photos on flickr! So inspiring... Yours, CatherineTodd2 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sarah said...

I stock a basic range of Paperblanks notebooks but I hadn't seen that one in the flesh, so to speak. Your pictures of it are stunning and I love the idea of using one for inspirational quotes, I will have to remember that next time I have a new notebook. Thank you, Sarah

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