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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On several blogs I saw some posts appear about the bloggers-top-year-discoveries for 2009. I thought it was a a good idea for a short article on my blog to. Two thousand nine was for me the year of intensifying my use of fountain pens and the start of my blogging 'career'.

Past year 2009 was the year I discovered Moleskine notebooks. I became curious about these black jewels because of the hacks I read about for GTD'ers. I tried one and I was hooked. At my job I always have my Moleskine large squared workbook with me. I started my second squared this year and it never leaves my side at my work. Their is much writing about them not being fountain pen friendly. I found some great inks that never bleed through the beautiful paper. Their are also a lot of Moleskinefriendly fountain pen inks that work great in most Moleskines. Here are some articles on my use of Moleskine notebooks.
New Moleskine

Fountain pen
My two most used fountain pens this year were the Montblanc 149 (fine) and the Montblanc 146 (fine). My Montblanc 149 is always filled with Noodler's Black. My Montblanc 146 is mostly filled with an Iroshizuku-ink with a nice contrasting color for accenting and highlighting. Here you can read my review on the Montblanc 149 (fine).
Montblanc 149 (fine)
Second most used was my Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Limited Edition 2009 (medium). I became very fond of this pen. I ordered three more at Richard Binder. One with an italic-nib, one with a medium-nib and one with a stub-nib. The unlucky ones spend Christmas in the Dutch customs.... :-(
Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Vivid Red LE

Noodler's Black was my most used ink, it blew my mind. In not one Moleskine it ever failed me. Never a bleed through, never it showed feathering. My review on Noodler's Black can be found here.
Noodler's Black

In second place and runner up is my discovery of Iroshizuku ink made by Pilot. They really shook up the ink-market with their nice vivid fast drying colors. My index page on this very nice ink can be found here.
Iroshizuku kon-peki (deep ocean blue)

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Kenneth Cooke said...

I am, again in the market to buy another high end fountain pen and I have always been attracted to Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 because of it's mountaineering link but I have had two and in both cases the barrels split just above the ink window within a couple of years of purchase. If Mont Blanc have addressed this issue and they can assure me of that I might, just might buy another

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