Rohrer & Klingner Old golden green

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I bought some bottles of Rohrer & Klinger at The Writing Desk from the United Kingdom. A great fast delivering shop. Rohrer & Klingner is a German company that makes ink since 1892. So they must have a lot of experience.
Rohrer & Klinger Old golden green

What a strange color. It has some green and yellow elements in it. It is a color with great shading, light green/yellow to medium green. It reminds on antique faded things. It is a nice green color I think, not at all a standard green. It has a bit from Noodler's Army green but lighter and more yellow.
Rohrer & Klinger Old golden green

This ink behaves very well on this Moleskine paper. It just is great. I am really amazed. Flow is great. No feathering. No bleed through on any of my Moleskines. This is a 100% moleskine proof ink.
Rohrer & Klinger Old golden green

Written review
Rohrer & Klinger Old golden green
In the written review I wrote:
"Rohrer & Klingner Old golden green.

I just filled my Lamy Safari (medium) with Rohrer & Klingner Old golden green.

It is a beautiful German ink made in Leipzig.

The ink has wonderful shading on this Moleskine paper. It has great flow. On this paper the ink dries in about 9 seconds. On Rhodia paper the ink dries in 15 seconds.

The color has a bit from Noodler's Army gree, it is slightly lighter of color.

$ 0,12/ml, hmmm is that cheaper then Noodler's?? ;-)

Rohrer & Klinger Old golden green

100% Moleskine-proof
Yes!! Again a great ink to use in the Moleskine. Really great ink with no downsides for the Moleskine.
Rohrer & Klinger Old golden green

With this range that contains 18 tones of writing inks for fountain pens and quills, Rohrer & Klingner continues an old tradition of ink production. Apart from classical tones (including two iron gall inks), several new colours are available, that have been developed for the primary purpose of calligraphy. On a traditional basis, the inks are produced with inter alia modern raw materials.


Knittipina said...

Lovely review, thanks! Alt Goldgruen is just slightly yellower than my Noodlers Spirit of Bamboo.

Speedmaster said...

Nice review and pics!

Anonymous said...
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mzjohansen said...

This is my most favorite ink of any brand - and color family! I use it all of the time. I was just searching for a place in the US to buy some more when I stumbled on your blog post. Nice job! Glad to know that there is another fan of this great color out there!

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