Oxford Activebook

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This notebook is called Collegeblock Oxford "Activebook". Oxford calls itself The European Premium Brand. Well it is not English, the brand comes from Germany and is part of the Hamelin Paperbrands GmbH.
Oxford Activebook
The "Activebook" is a so called Twin Wire Notebook with 80 pages 80 gram/m2. You can get it in DIN A4 and DIN A5, both in squared 5mm and ruled 6mm. In the picture you see the black-version. They also have an orange version. On one side it is microperforated, and is punched with four holes. It has a repositionable flexible bookmark divider and integrated pocket for storing notes, business cards, invoices etc. It is a professional notebook with a hard-wearing polypropylene cover. Twin-wire binding allows books to lay flat on desktops. Framed pages are oversized, punched and perforated for easy filing as standard size sheets. It has the same height as a Moleskine Large notebook but is one inch broader. This book costs about € 9,= or $ 6,50

Oxford Activebook
Oxford calls this book a book ..... "for demanding and well organized people and acadamics". Well what a lyric.

The paper is smooth! Very smooth, no bleedtrough with any ink I know. The paper has a somehow slippery surface, so it takes a while for most fountainpen inks to dry. I never wrote on Rhodia paper but when I read stories about it I think the paper is comparable to Rhodia paper.
Oxford Activebook

Oxford Activebook
In the front their is a little pocket for storing notes, business cards, invoices etc.

Oxford Activebook
The repositionable flexible bookmark divider comes in very handy. Especially when you bought two books. Because you then have two dividers wich you can carry on to the next book.

Oxford Activebook
In the front just before the pocket you find a time-zone table.

How I used it:
I used this Activebook on sales meetings with my clients. Between two clients I moved the divider to the next clean page. Back in the office I teared out all the notes and archived them in the clients dossier. Last two or three months I made a switch to Moleskine Black books which have the advantage of having all the notes at hand in one book. I often think back on this lovely book, with no bleed trough paper.

I give it an 8,5 of 10 points
Hamelin Paperbrands became the new name for John Dickinson Stationery in June 2008. John Dickinson Stationery's heritage spanned over 200 years and the company continues to lead the market in terms of its strong brand portfolio and commitment to building customer awareness of its brands and services. Also in June 2008, the company moved to a brand new £10m purpose built Head Office, warehouse and distribution centre showing a further commitment to its customers and the importance placed by the business on continually driving improvements in service levels. Oxford International is a range of notebooks for people looking for something lightweight and with many innovative features.


Sam said...

Thanks for the great review! :) I've used this brand for a while and IMHO it's one of the better quality papers widely available in the UK.

Good Pens said...

Nice review and nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

9 euros are 12.67 $US dollars......Oxford is very nice paper.

Woodworker said...

:-) yes you are totally right, just turned it the wrong way around

The Archer said...

great review! i have the oxford activebook in orange, it was sent to me by a friend i met through postcrossing. i haven't used it yet, i'm preserving it until i cannot resist the urge to use it anymore. :)

Melinda said...

I need this notebook! Thanks for the review!

JesseArg! said...

i used to have a note book very similar to this but it was a multisubject notebook with plastic dividers you could pull out and stick back in. do you have anyidea what that noot book would have been (make and model)? its not any of the other ones on the european oxford site. same colors though! thank you!

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