Moleskine Pen Clip

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I was looking at some Moleskine sites one day and came across the Danish moleskine site. They had a lovely looking pen clip. I was thinking that one is mine. A great idea, just your Moleskine and the pen together as a perfect team.
Moleskine Pen Clip
I ordered it online. The material looked great feeled great. I ordered the mat (you can also choose glossy). There's a 7 cm and a 9 cm version (2,75" and 3,54"). I got the 9cm one.
Moleskine Pen Clip
But was a little bit disappointed. It only can carry small pen's. Not the one's I have, like Parker Duofold or Montblanc 146 or 149.
Moleskine Pen Clip
Another thing is that I was affraid of damaging the fountainpens because their was no inlay at the inside to prevent the metal from scratching on the pen.
Moleskine Pen Clip
If you are not a foutainpen user this good be a great idea for you.

Perfect pen holder, which can be attached to the spine of the notebook.
plus great idea!
plus good materials and finishing

minus not suited for (big) foutainpens
minus to bad their is not a preventing layer on the inside to avoid scratching on expensive pens


Ridge Walker said...

Brilliant idea. For my tastes a Moleskine was made to be written in with a nice fountain pen though, so I'll likely pass.

Andrew said...

That sounds like it would be great for disposable fountain pens that aren't as valuable. It still could make a great gift for pen fanatics.

Christian said...

Thanks for that article and the photos.

Anonymous said...

Why do you write "Danish" with an "umlaut"?

Woodworker said...

I thought that was how it should be..... But I updated it

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