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Saturday, July 4, 2009

In my first shipment of Noodler's Ink there was also the most famous Noodler's Black. I never wrote with black ink in my little Moleskine black-books. My first impression of this ink was "wooow this is smooth, and what a great flow". It writes just different with this ink.

Black ink really matches the somehow off-white pages of the Moleskine paper. It gives a nice classy impression. In my work I use the squared large notebook. For journaling I use the large ruled Moleskine.

In the written review:
"Saturday, july 4th, 2009

I filled my Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 (fine), with Noodler's Black.
The ink is the most praised ink on the internet. I was very curious how it would do on this Moleskine paper. The ink is black and I mean very black! I love it!
My Montblanc 149 is a wet-writer but Noodler's Black does not show any feathering or bleedtrough. The ink takes about 20 seconds to completely dry.
Noodler's Black will be my number one in this pen for daily use, in combination with Moleskine paper.


If anyone tell's you Moleskine paper sucks and you are afraid to use it........ well let me tell you their are great combinations of pen and ink that make great combinations to use this wonderful black book. Yes people are right when they are saying Moleskine paper is not good with all foutainpen-inks. It takes time to find right combinations.

In the picture below you can see no bleedtrough at all.

I now can understand all the praise this ink is giving. It writes very smooth. I also tested it in a Lamy Safari (fine) and Sailor 911 (medium). With this pens also their was no bleedtrough and the ink behaved like a wish. Noodler's Black in my number one ink in my Montblanc Meisterstuck 149.

Noodler’s Ink” has the lowest cost per volume in stores that carry it and it's 100% made in the USA from cap to glass to ink. The ink with the catfish on the label symbolizes a southern sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play — and thus a fair price.


Sam said...

Thanks so much for this review, I keep looking at Noodler's Black but for some reason never seem to get round to ordering any; I think this will change based on your review.

Speedmaster said...

Nice review!!!

Ridge Walker said...

Nice review! I am currently on a mission to test, and blog, every black fountain pen ink on the market with my fountain pen (Sailor 1911 EF, & Sailor Imperial) in my Moleskine. To date Noodlers Bulletproof Black is the blackest ink I have tested. All others are shades lighter. I agree with you, this is a very fine ink, if true black is what you're looking for.

Unknown said...

I like your rating scale for Moleskine compatibility. But, it's difficult to find products in each rank. I'd like to ask that you create a tag for each compatibility level. This way I can easily find all of the articles for a high level of compatibility. For example, MSC1 (for MoleSkine Compatibility Level 1), MSC2, etc.

These would show up in your tag cloud and I could easily find them.

Anonymous said...

The reason I bought Noodler's Black was that it is also "bulletproof". It supposedly resists forgers. In my test of the ink I placed the ink on the same paper with Pilot G2 gel ink and Fisher pen ink. I then soaked it in soapy water and exposed it to Texas summer sun. Noodler's worked as advertised, Fisher ink came in second while Pilot G2 faded away as if it never was.

Xo Wang said...

I use Noodler's Heart of Darkness with my Moleskine, because Black isn't black enough for me. It bleeds a little if I write slowly, but not enough to be annoying on the other side; more than Pilot G-2 gelrollerballpointtip pens would though.

Also, I didn't realize you had a large Moleskine until I reread your post carefully—I was wondering how you got your pen to write such fine lines!

Richard said...

@ Xo Wang: Thank for your comment. I don't know how my pen writes these fine lines. It is a Montblanc 149 (fine).

krishna said...

Thanks for this review. And I am totally in love with your MontBlanc pen .. it is so regal !

Anonymous said...

How odd that you extol the virtues of fountain pens and inks and yet your handwriting style doesn't look like it would suit using a fountain pen. I was expecting joined up, swooping curves! Great review though, many thanks.

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