Montblanc Foutainpen App for iPhone soon?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I saw this in a blogpost of Zeptotools an iPhone App developer blog. I like the idea of it!

Hi everyone,

Regarding our goal to create alternative stationary for future, that does not mean to eliminate traditional ones. What we try to do is to renovate them for future style, so iPhone app is the new way for the renovation…

iShodo was born in December and have been loved by many users since its released. We are really happy our app is loved by many users. Regarding the app, her sister was born!!!

She is s fountain pen application. As for fountain pens, many people would use the fountain pens by MONTBLANC. The company is one of the most famous stationary makers in the world, and the new application was created in collaboration with the company! The same technology as iShodo is applied to her to realize the reality of the way to write with a fountain pen.

The baby’s face is now open to the pubic at Mitsukoshi in Nihonbashi, Japan. I put some pictures of her on this post. She will stand with her feet and start to walk before so long. First in Japan, and soon after that, she will be able to visit your iPhone around the world!



Okami said...

Can you give a little more info? How does it work like a fountain pen? Might help if we could see the photo a little closer...

Woodworker said...

Sorry Okami, I don't have anymore information. I just saw the post and thought that is worthwhile on my blog.

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