Sailor Jentle Ink Irore red (winter 2009)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sailor brought some great colors in a limited edition for winter 2009. I never owned Sailor inks, so I was very curious. I did some Sailor Jentle Ink Irore Red in my Lamy Vista (fine). I took some pictures in the Dutch winter snow.
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red

This red color is really red. It reminds a bit of Pelikan Red. Pelikan Red tends a little bit to orange. This Sailor Irore Red is vivid as the Pelikan but more red. The color is very saturated with almost no shading.
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red

I wrote this review with a Lamy Vista (fine). This ink is what his name says "Jentle". It writes smooth behaves great and has a short drying time. Dryingtime in a Moleskine is about 7-9 seconds. On Rhodia paper it takes between 10-15 seconds to dry.
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red

Written review
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red
Can't read it? Here's the translation:
"Sailor Jentle Ink Irore Red

I filled my Lamy Vista (fine) with Sailor Jentle Ink Irore Red, winter 2009 limited edition.

With this pen the ink performs outstanding in a Moleskine. It writes very smooth and the ink has great flow.

What a nice vivid red. It did remind me on Pelikan Red. Bit this Sailor is more red where the Pelikan tends to orange.

No bleed through or feathering, good dryingtime. The ink has no shading and is very saturated.

$ 0,30/ml is not cheap.


In the bottle is some kind of device as an insert to provide that you can get the last drop of ink out of the bottle. It does work for small nibs, such as the Lamy Vista, Safari or Montblanc 146. But for a Montblanc 149 or Pelikan M1000 it does not work and the plastic piece has to be taken out of the bottle to fill them.
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red

Here's a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

This ink is Moleskine friendly. Their was no feathering. With a medium nib fountain pen I saw some dots coming through on a blank Moleskine paper. So no 100% but a good "Moleskinefriendly"
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red
Sailor Jentl Ink Irore Red

Sailor fountain pen ink is made in Japan from their exclusive formulas. Both bottled and cartridge inks are an alkaline base. Any of the sailor inks can be mixed with one another to create your *perfect* color. Sailor ink should not be mixed with other brands of ink. Sailor's inks are smooth-flowing for use in all your treasured fountain pens. The beautifully designed bottle contains 50ml of ink. Nine rich colors to choose from.

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Renee said...

Thanks for the review. I hesitated on ordering a bottle of the red, and am now glad I did. I have others that are similar. However, the new Sailor Evergreen and Drizzle are gorgeous and are now among my top 10 favorite inks. I need to buy a supply of both since they are limited editions.

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