Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure purple (winter 2009)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sailor brought some great colors in a limited edition for winter 2009. These are the first Sailor inks in my collection. I put some Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure purple in my Lamy Safari (medium) and wrote this review. The pictures are made in the wonderful Dutch snow. My daughter Jessica was willing to be model for four reviews in this Limited Edition ink. ;-) I read Sailor made only 500 bottles of each color.
Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

The color is a very deep dark purple blue. It is a color that stands a bit from the rest of the Winter Limited Edition 2009 inks of Sailor. It is a very saturated color. I think if you like dark-blue's then this one could be used for daily use.
Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

The flow of this ink is good. Works great in a Moleskine. Strange, mostly it takes ink on Rhodia paper twice the time as on Moleskine. This ink takes more then twice the time on Rhodia paper. On Moleskine it is about 5-7 seconds. On Rhodia it takes between 15-20 seconds. Sailor made a beautiful color.
Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

Written review
Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple
Can't read it? Here's the translation:
"Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

Today I filled my Lamy Al-star with Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple (medium nib)

I don't know what to say to this color. The color is named purple, bit it has much dark blue in it. It is more a dark blue.

The ink-flow is good. It does not feather or bleed through this Moleskine paper with this pen.

This ink is not cheap $ 0,30/ml.

Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

In the bottle is some kind of device as an insert to provide that you can get the last drop of ink out of the bottle. It does work for small nibs, such as the Lamy Vista, Safari or Montblanc 146. But for a Montblanc 149 or Pelikan M1000 it does not work and the plastic piece has to be taken out of the bottle to fill them.
Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

Here's a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

This ink is Moleskine friendly. Their was no feathering. With a medium nib fountain pen I saw some dots coming through on a blank Moleskine paper. So no 100% but a good "Moleskinefriendly".
Sailor Jentle Ink Shigure Purple

Sailor fountain pen ink is made in Japan from their exclusive formulas. Both bottled and cartridge inks are an alkaline base. Any of the sailor inks can be mixed with one another to create your *perfect* color. Sailor ink should not be mixed with other brands of ink. Sailor's inks are smooth-flowing for use in all your treasured fountain pens. The beautifully designed bottle contains 50ml of ink. Nine rich colors to choose from.


Kate the Kate said...

Lovely color! Where is Sailor selling these special edition shades?

Eslem Torres said...

Hello there, I'm a really really fan of your blog. I started using fountain Pen like 4 months ago, and actually I use a Lamy Safari (F) and Moleskine in different size to write my stuff, I'm from Mexico and it's hard to find this type of ink, well any kind of ink, beacuse there's no culture about the fountain pen here in my country and it's very hard find dedicated stores, more in my city (Monterrey).

I'm very glad because I find your blog when I was researching for ink stores here in my city, I used to think that any ink was the same, and thanks to you I'm learning about it, I can't practice with those inks because I can't find them, but I'm trying with other types.

I'm 19 years old, so I'm still a young (at least in my country, I don't know how it is in yours)but I respect a lot the people who writes with fountain pens, gives a sophisticated fresh air, and I want to be one of them.

Thanks for you awesome blog, it helps me (and others) a lot.

Atte. Eslem Torres

Richard said...

Thank you for your kind words Eslem. Hope you find some good stores!

Richard said...

Hello Kate. I bought this ones at PenGallery:

Unknown said...

Now that is a most gorgeous purple colour! I think it really looks like the "Royal Purple" that kings and queens used to wear as a sign of royalty.

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