Review Pelikan Red Fountainpen Ink

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It was my daughter who urged me to buy this ink. She loves the bright red (almost orange) color of it. I bought this bottle at Writer's Bloc. Great shop, fast service!
Pelikan Red Fountainpen ink

As I said it was my daughter who saw this ink and urged me to buy a bottle (I think so she can borrow it once and a while). I personally think the red is to light red tending to light orange. A kind of neon-red.
Pelikan Red Fountainpen ink

In my Pelikan M1000 wich writes wet, the ink flows great. It is a joy to write with. On Moleskine paper it is reasonable quick in drying time. The ink has almost no visible shading. The drying time on Rhodia paper is a little bit better. A detail with ink on Moleskine paper can be seen below.
Pelikan Red Fountainpen ink
The ink does not bleedtrough Moleskine paper even in this wet-writer.
Pelikan Red Fountainpen ink

Written review
Pelikan Red Fountainpen ink
The written review says:
"Tuesday, september 1, 2009

Today I filled my Pelikan M1000 (fine) wich is a wet-writer with just plain Pelikan Red.

This ink behaves very well in a Moleskine. In this fountainpen the ink has great flow. Also does it not feather or bleedtrough.

I found that dryingtimes of ink in Moleskines are longer ten for example in Rhodia-pads.

The color is bright red tending to light-orange. The ink has no shading.


This ink is great and get's the label "Moleskine friendly ink"
Pelikan Red Fountainpen ink

Pelikan produce a superb range of pen ink, which many consider to be the best available.

Usefully, Pelikan fountain pens also make use of international standard cartridges (also known as universal cartridges or European cartridges), which means their excellent ink is available to all pens which use that size. Naturally, the bottled ink is suitable for use in any fountain pen.


Speedmaster said...

Nicely done!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see another example of a fountain pen ink that will work in a Moleskine journal. Have you ever tried this ink in a Moleskine planner?


Unknown said...

Great photos of your pens and ink. I enjoy the pairing with the flowers in all your reviews.

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