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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aurora Blue is another regular fountainpen ink that works great on Moleskine paper.I bought this bottle at Art Brown International Penshop. This shop has a lot of ink. And from what I heard on forum's it has a lot of expertise.
Aurora Blue

This ink has a great blue color. Not to much or to little. Just plain blue. Not light blue or dark blue. Just a blue you want for your everyday use.
Aurora Blue

It is a real working horse. I took my new (uninked) Lamy Safari White Limited Edition, started writing and was amazed. Next to Noodler's Black this was the smoothest writing ink I ever tried.
Aurora Blue
The good part is that it does not bleedtrough on Moleskine paper. The paper and book I use every single day of the year.

Written review
Aurora Blue
In the written review I wrote:
"Thursday, september 3, 2009

I filled my Lamy Safari (fine) with Aurora Blue ink.

I was told this ink behaved very well on Moleskine paper. The ink shows a little bit of feathering, but it is a great ink to wrote with. Smooth as butter.

Color is blue as one expects it to be. On Moleskinepaper the ink is a quick dryer.

The ink has no visible shading and does not bleed trough this Moleskinepaper.

Great working ink!


Yep I can give this ink a thumbs up for 100% Moleskine-proof fountain pen ink.
Aurora Blue

The Aurora pen company was formed in 1919 in Turin, Italy. Their line of fountain pen inks consists of only two colors, but they are two of the most vibrant and true colors we have found thus far! The black is one of the darkest, a true black and the blue is a rich, deep royal blue.


Anonymous said...

I use an aurora fountain pen (the optima) with a fine nib. However, I have bad experiences with the aurora blue inkt and moleskine notebooks. Perhaps the flow exceeds the capaciy of the moleskine paper.
Wim from Breda

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I use it and it is a great product, the color and the quality are amazing.

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