Iroshizuku fountain pen ink by Pilot (index page)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Iroshizuku is a fountain pen ink made by Pilot. I never heard of it until I read a piece on it on The Fountainpen Network. I was not able to find any in Europe. So I ordered some in Japan at Jetpens. A great store but they are not willingly to lower the price in the papers outside the box. So the shipments always must have additional cost in customs. But it is a great store and they have great products and they deliver fast.
Iroshizuku fountain pen ink by Pilot

The Iroshizuku ink is a luxurious line of inks created to reflect the beautiful natural scenery of Japan. The gorgeous shades will fill your fountain pen with bold, beautiful and vivid colors. Each bottle is a beautifully crafted glass container designed with an innovative dip at the bottom to ensure the savory enjoyment of every last drop. Every bottle has 50ml and are a great piece of art.
Iroshizuku fountain pen ink by Pilot

The next weeks I'm gonna do all six reviews of the inks I ordered. So I hope you are going to love the reviews, the colors and the pictures. When the mailman arrived I was very quick opening the packages. I could not wait a second.
Iroshizuku fountain pen ink by Pilot

The boxes of Iroshizuku ink remind on luxury jewelry boxes or perfume-boxes. They did a great job on this product. I hope the ink behaves as the total package looks like.
Iroshizuku fountain pen ink by Pilot

Here are the links to the reviews of the following Iroshizuku inks:
Iroshizuku ajisai
Iroshizuku yama-budo (Bordeaux)
Iroshizuku momiji (autumn leaves)
Iroshizuku yu-yake (sunset burnt orange)
Iroshizuku yama-guri (wild chestnut brown)
Iroshizuku tsuki-yo (night sky greenish deep blue)
Iroshizuku kon-peki (deep ocean blue)
Iroshizuku fuyu-syogun (bluish dark gray)
Iroshizuku fountain pen ink by Pilot


scherbi said...

I've only got one Iroshizuki so far, the Syo-Ro. Perhaps you saw my review on It's awesome stuff. Turns a good pen into a great pen. Soon I will get another color. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Carmen said...

agree! I just got one and it is a thing of beauty!

Rafa Ibarra said...

A friend of mine gave me the Iroshizuku kon-peki (deep ocean blue), and it's awesome!

I really love this kind of ink.

Best regards from Mexico.

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