Sailor Kiwagura Nano Carbon Super Black

Friday, March 26, 2010

Is it for everyone the same? I have a passion for fountain pens and have way to much ink. I have some great black inks in my stock: Noodler's Black, Visconti Black, Montblanc Black. How can it be that I always have to try an ink that I don't have...... I bought this Sailor Kiwagura Nano Super Black ink at Jetpens in the USA. The have a lot of Japanese stationery and deliver quickly.
Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon

OK, the color is black. What more can I say. In my opinion Noodler's Black is blacker. I think Noodler's is a little bit more shinier and Sailor is more mat.
Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon

A big advantage over Noodler's Black is the dryingtime of this Sailor Kiwagura Nano Carbon Black ink. In a Moleskine the ink dries in about 7 seconds. On Rhodia paper it takes about 15 seconds. The flow of the ink is normal just good enough, not dry or to wet. I saw this text on eBay: "Let me tell you about this Nano technology. A normal ink is water like fluid which easily flows through the pens nib. But the normal ink can get erased if water is spilled over it or due to time and temperature, the ink starts fading. The latest Nano technology which sailor has adopted in its ink is that it never gets erased irrespective of temperature, time or water. It is a complete waterproof ink. The flow of this ink is very smooth and in a pyramidal way."
Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon

Written review
Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon
Can't read it? Here's the translation:
"Sailor Kiwagura Nano Carbon Super Black

What a longe name for a fountain pen ink. I filled my Lamy Al-star (medium) with Sailor Kiwagura.

I must say I am just as suprised as I was trying Noodler's Black. This ink behaves very very well in this Moleskine. No bleed through or feathering in any of my Moleskines. The lines are very sharp and crisp.

I don't know if it is blacker then Noodler's black. But it sure behaves just as good. With a q-tip it sure is black.

$ 0,45/ml is not cheap, but it is black!

This line written with a Lamy nib 1.1, no bleed through either.

Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon

The Bottle
The bottle contains 50ml of great ink. It is nicely shaped. But it is not very deep. It is hard for a Pelikan M1000 to suck up enough in.
Sailor Kiwaguro Nano Carbon

Here's a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

100% Moleskine proof
This ink is 100% Moleskine proof. I could not find a Moleskine where the ink showed any bleed through. Another great ink you can 100% trust in every Moleskine without bothering about bleed through.

So again a great ink to write with in any Moleskine.

Sailor fountain pen ink is made in Japan from their exclusive formulas. Both bottled and cartridge inks are an alkaline base. Any of the sailor inks can be mixed with one another to create your *perfect* color. Sailor ink should not be mixed with other brands of ink. Sailor's inks are smooth-flowing for use in all your treasured fountain pens. The beautifully designed bottle contains 50ml of ink. Nine rich colors to choose from.


Speedmaster said...

Wonderful review and pics!

Unknown said...

First, a question that I have been meaning to ask you for awhile. What is that squiggly line at the end of your written reviews supposed to be?

What is meant by this eBay text, "The flow of this ink... in a pyramidal way"?

And just to give you a hard time, you say in the middle of your review that you don't know which is blacker Kiwagura or Noodler's Black, but at the beginning of your review your opinion is that Noodler's Black is blacker. So, what do you think?

Richard said...

@sidney: Thank you for your comments, it seams you read the review very well, thanks for that:
- squiggly line, just the end of a review, does not mean a thing
- "in a pyramidal way....." my english is not that good. I copied the text from eBay, I thought English folks new what it meant.
- blacker? Noodler's Black is more shiny black and the Sailor Kiwagura is more a mat-black.

Unknown said...

The bottle is what screams out to me as being the most beautiful aspect. Plus, in your review you said that it is quite a good bit of ink too piques my interest greatly! :)

Keep up the awesome work!

John Ito said...

Kiwaguro is an exceptional ink. It's one of my vary favorites and among the best blacks that can be bought. Lusciously deep and very matte. Just a touch of shine. It does dry quickly and it flows through a nib like a divine, lubricated shadow. It is not entirely waterproof though. It will rinse just a bit (a rusty super deep golden brown runout) under extreme treatment. Diamine registrars blue is the only ink for fountains that I have found to be truly waterproof. If you write with a pen that has a large and exposed feed, there will be some drying and clogging after prolonged use with the KG. Parker 51's keep an extremely live line going. So do the Pilot Vanishing Points. I've tried it in all of my pens and though I love how it writes out of my Visconti, and super flex Eversharp and Conklin, it makes for the requirement of some extra attention and cleaning. It's worth it though. Especially if you are a pen freak and bother looking up posts like these... This ink is in my humble opinion, f-ing delicious. An essential for true believers of handwriting in the modern world.
It's about 35% cheaper to buy it in Japan than the US.
J. Ito

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