Pelikan Blue Black

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I bought this vintage ink at a local flea-market. I saw three of these bottles with the right box. I paid $ 10,= for these beauty's. One box was a little bit damaged.
Pelikan Blue Black

It is a nice Blue Black. It is more blueish then Montblanc Blue Black. The color comes close to Iroshizuku tsuk-yo but without the green hue.
Pelikan Blue Black

It is a somewhat dry ink, but the flow is good enough and I don't know if it is the vintage age of the ink that makes it this way. First thing that I noticed was the very quick drying time of the ink. It is outstanding, even on Rhodia paper it takes only 10 seconds to dry. I could not find a Moleskine where this ink bled through the pages.
Pelikan Blue Black

Written review
Pelikan Blue Black
Can't read it? Here's the translation:
"Pelikan Blue Black

I filled my Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point (medium) with Pelikan Blue-Black.

I found three vintage bottles at a local flea market. I think the bottles are from around 1980.

The color is lighter the the Montblanc Blue Black. But it is a nice blue black. It has some shading.

This ink behaves very well in Moleskines, no feathering or bleed through. It is 100% Moleskine proof. It dries very quickly. I love it very very much.

New bottles cost about $ 0,13/ml

Pelikan Blue Black

The Bottle
The bottle contains 70ml of ink. The shape of the bottle is still working great even for large shaped fountain pens.
Pelikan Blue Black

Here's a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

100% Moleskine proof
This ink is 100% Moleskine proof. I could not find a Moleskine where the ink showed any bleed through. Another great ink you can 100% trust in every Moleskine without bothering about bleed through.

So let no one tell you a Moleskine is not well suited for fountain pens. With the right ink it is a great companion. Click on this link to see more 100% Moleskine proof inks.

Fountain pen ink by Pelikan. Ideally formulated for Pelikan pens and other plunger mechanism and converter pens. Pelikan has been making inks since 1863.


The Pen Warrior said...

The Pelikan bottles of ink look a great find. I have yet to try vintage inks but after reading this I will certainly keep a lookout for some.

Ruby said...

Thank you for sharing about this vintage ink. I like Pelikan blue-black and black because they are dry inks, and inexpensive too. The best thing is they've been around for years, so they are really tried and tested. Your photos are gorgeous by the way, and the first one with the vanishing point is awesome!

Unknown said...

You were very lucky to find these bottles. I would like to find something like this to use with my set of Montblanc pens. Thanks for posting this.

Unknown said...

I've started using this ink too, bought new, in a Pelikan M205, F nib (birthday present) an a new Moleskine notebook (also a birthday present) and the results are outstanding. No bleed-through whatever. Wonderful ink and paper combination.

earlnavy said...

Thanks for your great posting! I'm somewhat curious whether the vintage 4001 blue-black ink is the same one with the current 4001 blue-black ink. The current one I use is quite moleskine-friendly too, but not 100%.

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