Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I bought this bottle at The Writing Desk in the United Kingdom. It is an iron-gall-nut ink. I wrote this review with my Marlen Aderl (medium).
Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa

This color tends a bit to Rohrer & Klingner Old Bordeaux. But the color is darker and more purple. The color has fantastic shading in combination with this pen. Standing out of the crowd you can use this color for everyday use I think. Just be bold! ;-)
Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa
The color is named after the beautiful flower Scabiosa 'Ace of Spades'

Like most other Rohrer & Klingner inks this one also behaves great in a Moleskine. In fact it writes beautiful. The flow is great in combination with this pen. No bleed through in this Moleskine nor did I see any feathering. Even with the Marlen medium nib the ink works great in every Moleskine. Drying time is a bit longer and takes about 13-15 seconds in this medium nib pen.
On Rhodia paper it takes twice the time, so your safe after 30 seconds.
Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa

Written review
Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa
Can't read it? Here's the translation:
"Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa

I just filled my Marlen Aderl (medium) with Roher & Klinger Scabiosa.

What a nice purple color with great shading. It is an iron-gall ink. It behaves very good in a Moleskine. I did not see any bleed through in one of my Moleskines.

The shading of the color goes from very dark purple (almost black) to normal purple. I really love this color.

Rohrer & Klingner ink costs about $ 0,12/ml.

Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa

The Bottle
The bottle contains 50ml of great ink. It's a standard model of bottle, nothing fancy. But is does the trick great even with larger nibbed fountain pens.
Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa

Here's a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

100% Moleskine proof
This ink is 100% Moleskine proof. I could not find a Moleskine where the ink showed any bleed through. Just a tiny bit of feathering in some Moleskines. But just really a little bit. So is it about paper in the Moleskine. Yes off course it varies to much in different Moleskines. But there are inks just like this one which do the trick very well. A paper-product that never bleeds through like the Rhodia paper has also it's disadvantages (for example the long dryingtimes).

So again a great ink to write with in any Moleskine.

With this range that contains 18 tones of writing inks for fountain pens and quills, Rohrer & Klingner continues an old tradition of ink production. Apart from classical tones (including two iron gall inks), several new colours are available, that have been developed for the primary purpose of calligraphy. On a traditional basis, the inks are produced with inter alia modern raw materials.



Palimpsest said...

This purple looks good, not too striking, subtle but definetely purple. I think I'll give it a try.

lady dandelion said...

Excellent review of a great ink! I'm also a fan of this ink and particularly like the shading and non-feathering properties. Thanks a lot!

Tortoise said...

Great review, as are all that you do. This is one of my favorite inks. Thanks for the nice desktop picture, too. It's what I'm using right now!

How do you like your Marlen? It's a very interesting looking pen.

paper moon said...

Dear Friend, nice to see there are other people out there similar to yourself!
I have a question to ask if I may. Your marlen pen seems impossible to get!!! Where did you buy it please? I use BB nibs normally, but this pen really got under my skin. I could not find a contact for you so I am posting my question here. Thank you for your Blog, I visit you often!
By the way if you like the R&K ink I buy mine at a artist shop here called BÖSNER they also have a shop in The netherlands and should have them there too. Also they have an online shop. Hope this helps. Best regards.

Richard said...

@ paper moon: I bought mine at Penngalery,

paper moon said...

Thank you. They don´t have it anymore. I did find a store in Italy though and now I am waiting for it!. Your photographs are very nice. Please post some more! By the way have you tried out Bösner? The ink there is not as expensive as at writing desk. Wishing you a nice week.

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