Diamine Registrars Ink (ink review)

Friday, February 5, 2010

I bought this bottle at The Writing Desk in the United Kingdom. It is a remarkable ink. I tested this ink in a Pelikan M1000 (fine) for two weeks at my office.
Diamine Registrar's Ink

The color has two sides. When writing with it it is a nice light blue-black color. After a few seconds it turns to a very dark blue-black. A swab does not the nice dark color after drying. It is really a dark blue-black.
Diamine Registrar's Ink

The ink writes just great and is very smooth. The flow is good in a wet writing Pelikan M1000 (fine) but also in a Lamy Safari (medium). I noted it becomes blacker on some papers then in a Moleskine. On papers with a smooth surface it can have some start problems, but never in a Moleskine. After starting on a smooth surfaced paper it writes just as good.
Diamine Registrar's Ink

Written review
Diamine Registrar's Ink
I wrote this written review with my Conway Stewart Nelson II (fine) Can't read it? Here's the translation:
"Diamine Registrars Ink

I filled my Conway Stewart (fine) with Diamine Registrars Ink.

It is an ink made in the UK and comes in bottles of 30ml. Diamine states that this ink is legible for hundreds of years. This ink is based on an iron-gall formulation.

While writing it turns from blue to 'black' when dry. It flows great. This ink has no shading. On this Moleskine paper their is no feathering or bleed through at all. Iron-gall ink takes a bit longer to dry. On this paper it takes about 18 seconds to dry. $ 0,32/ml.

The color when dry is a nice very dark blue.

Diamine Registrar's Ink

The Bottle
The bottle with only 30ml. is rather small for pens with big nibs. There's also a bottle with 100ml.
Diamine Registrar's Ink

Here's a desktop you may use freely. It is at 1920 x 1200. Click on this link.

100% Moleskine-proof
Well there it is another great ink that is 100% Moleskine-proof. I could not find a Moleskine in my collection where it had bleed through or feathering in any pen.
Diamine Registrar's Ink

Ink Manufacturer's since 1864 Diamine Inks relocated to this purpose built 'state of the art' factory in Liverpool in 1925, where they successfully carried on using the traditional methods and formulas for ink production. Over the years the company was taken over many times and relocated yet again, but throughout the DIAMINE TRADE MARK and production methods survived symbolising the finest quality in Fountain Pen Inks, Calligraphy Ink, Drawing Ink and Writing Inks. Cartridges were recently added to our range, supplied in boxes of 18 with a range of 10 colours.

Diamine Inks are experiencing a very exciting revival and are proud to continue their ink making tradition only changing the original formulas were necessary to comply with current legislation. Due to the very fine quality Diamine fountain pen inks are suitable for all brands of pen and do not clog. The new large attractive 80ml glass Bottles of traditional fine quality ink supplied in 26 vivid colours, makes for extremely good value making each bottle a pleasue to own and all very collectable. Our latest addition to our colour range is Monaco Red which was specially formulated for His Serene highness Prince Rainer III of Monaco and the Grimaldi family in conjuction with a presentation of a limited edition fountain pen. Good enough for royalty, good enough for you!


Speedmaster said...

Wonderful review!

lady dandelion said...

Gourgeous photos and great review of an ink that belongs to my favourites. Nice to hear that you also have a positive experience of it!

lady dandelion said...

Forgot to say that your CS Nelson is fantastic!

B. McGrath said...

Diamine's Registrar's ink is an iron gall ink and not suited for fountain pens.

Richard said...

Thanks for your comment B. McGrath. Could you tell us where Diamine makes this ink for, other then fountain pens?

Anonymous said...

B. McGrath doesn't know what he is talking about. All modern iron-gall inks marketed for fountain pens are safe for use in fountain pens. There is an irrational fear amongst uneducated fountain pen users that associate these types of inks with iron-gall formulations of older times. Truth is, Diamine Registrar's Ink is probably one of the best performing inks in existence, and Diamine has been making this ink for a very long time. This fear is perpetuated by people who have never actually tried this ink. Those in the "know" simply "know better."

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