Rhodia Pad No 12, Paul Smith

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I bought some great Rhodia Pad's No 12. It is a special edition from Paul Smith. I bought these beauty's at Journaling Arts. Journaling Arts is a great store for all your notebooks, journals. Cynthia Niklas does her job with passion. My package got lost in the mail. She offered great service by sending a new shipment.
Rhodia Pad no 12, Paul Smith

The size
I choose this size No 12 (8,5 cm x 12,0 cm or 3,3 x 4,7 inch) because it is just right for taking it with me. The size is not the actual size of the writing area of the paper. It leaves a 12mm (0,47 inch) piece of paper for tear off.
Rhodia Pad no 12, Paul Smith

The paper
I am not so fond on the Rhodia paper. It has a very smooth surface. I use a fountain pen often. Because of the very smooth surface the drying time of ink is twice as much as other notebooks. A great advantage is that the ink never bleeds-through the paper.
Rhodia Pad no 12, Paul Smith

Paul Smith
This is what the Rhodia website states about him:
Sir Paul Smith is a fan of Rhodia!
In a small Rhodia pad he never parts with, Paul Smith notes at any time of day whatever affects him, moves him, amuses him. From a situation, an object, a detail on a piece of clothing, even from a phrase, he draws a thread that feeds his overflowing creativity. ‘You can find inspiration in everything and if you can't, look again', says the English fashion designer (éditions Violette), one of the fashion designers most in vogue at the beginning of the 21st century who, thanks to his success with twenty-eight shops throughout the world with 600 employees, has been awarded the title Sir.

Throughout the world, he offers his clothes "with a twist' in his own shops or in highly selective points of sale. After the success of the first collection signed Paul Smith which came out in 2005, Paul Smith celebrated 75 years of his fetish pad by signing a new Limited Series where his fancy and his particularly English sense of style led him: on the famous card marked Rhodia orange or black, a true support for the fashion designer's creation, his falsely naïve pencil sketches, underlined with his emblematic stripes.

Paul Smith's stripes? "They convey freedom, youth, humour. You can like them fresh, reminiscent of the sea or downright pop. In any case, they are never neutral.'

Paul Smith also has a website for his fashion-business. It is a site where you also can shop online.

How I use them?
I just use them for ink-testing on my blog. At work I use them for giving some written notes to someone else "Make an invoice so and so"
Rhodia Pad no 12, Paul Smith

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Marina said...

I like Rhodia paper a lot! It is my favorite paper to write on, because I like the smooth surface. The dry time of ink is a problem sometimes, so it can't always be used.

Thanks for sharing this about Paul Smith - I always liked him, and moreseo now that I know he's a Rhodia guy :)

Take care,

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