De Atramentis Dornfelder Ink review

Friday, November 27, 2009

I saw a website of a German ink manufacturer De Atramentis. They have a large assortiment of all kinds of ink. They have scented inks, inks based on whiskey and inks based on wine. That last was some kind of decadent idea for me. But I could not let it go and had to do a review on this inks. Hmmm drinking a real German Dornfelder red wine writing a review.
De Atramentis Dornfelder
The red color has a little purple in it. It reminds a bit of Iroshizuku momiji. The color is great for all kinds of purposes. It is very vivid saturated purple-red.
De Atramentis Dornfelder

Writing is very smooth with this ink in this beautiful Lamy Safari (medium). The flow of the ink is just right. Writing with this ink is not a battle but a great joy.
De Atramentis Dornfelder

Written review
De Atramentis Dornfelder
If you can't read it here's the text of the written review:

"De Atramentis Dornfelder

I put some De Atramentis Dornfelder in my Lamy Safari (medium).

It is a color that reminds of Iroshizuku momiji. A jumping nice vivid red.

The in flows great in this pen on this Moleskine paper. It has no feathering. With medium nob there's slightly bleedthrough, only real tiny dots. It does not make a mess on the other side of the page.

The price of the ink is about $ 0,19/ml. Moleskine friendly ink.


Here's a desktop image for your computer. I made it 1920 x 1200 especially for you. Click on this link. You are free to use it.

I classify this ink as Moleskine friendly. With a fine nib I could not see bleed through in any of the Moleskines. With medium nib I saw some real tiny dots, but not so much that it makes a mess of the pages.
De Atramentis Dornfelder
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Unknown said...

Now that is something else! Scented inks! :D

Anonymous said...

wine? not whine?

Richard said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I wish it had a darker colour, just like wine

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