Lamy Al-Star Coffee brown (broad)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I bought this Lamy Safari Al-Star on La Couronne du Comte that has a great online store in the Netherlands. They every time exceed my expectations, with a nice gesture. Sometimes a nice gift-wrap, other times a nice bottle of free ink. Keep up the good work!

New color
This new color Lamy Al-Star is introduced in may 2010. Lamy calls it coffee brown. It is a very nice color indeed. Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise which was established in 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg in Germany.

The model Al-Star is the same as the Safari model, only in the Al-Star the body is made of aluminum in stead of plastic. The Safari is definitive the most successful model Lamy ever made. Lamy made this color for 2010 as a Special Edition. Its design signals high-tech. Cool, light, robust and always ready. Excellent characteristics for wide-ranging use. Made completely of aluminium, with a robust wire clip.

This new color is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and as a rollerball with cap.

The Nib
I bought this Lamy Al-Star with a broad-nib, which is my first 'broad' nib. It writes very smooth and lays a fine ink-line on the paper. Nothing to worry about.

lenght: 138mm (5,4") - with cap over the nib-side
lenght: 130mm (5,1") - without cap and ready to write
niblength: 16mm (0,6")
barrel: 12mm (0,5")
price: about $ 29,= to $ 31,= (€ 25,= to € 29,=)

plus Good ageless design
plus Great color
plus Good medium size
plus I like this broad nib

minus Not really a minor but the aluminum can feel sometimes a little bit cold


viola said...

there is also a new model named "black purple", the "2010 special model" for the al-star-series.

s said...

Nice. You have got to have the biggest lamy safari pen collection I've seen in awhile. You should do a group photo of them.

laoriginaltec said...

Your so lucky! I ordered mine in May but,this pen doesn't come out until sometime this month in the US. I love your pictures!

Unknown said...

I agree with "s" you should take a picture of your collection...I'm very curious about all those pens you have. ;P

Anonymous said...

Great pics - as usual. Very nice to see the comparison to real coffee :)

Cole said...

Brown is my favorite color and I've had my eye on this pen for awhile. I love it!

Nicole said...

i love this pen. i'd like to see the others also. i just bought a new lamy from good prices/variety.

bgray43050 said...

That's an excellent color...and great photo work!

Wilson Hines said...

I like my Al-Star that I bought Christmas week so good I bought another! My first one was the "coffee" (they call it espresso over here in the states). My newest is aluminum! It's a fantastic writer!

Unknown said...

I recently purchased a Lamy Al-Star in ocean blue with a fine nib and absolutely LOVE it! The pen feels fantastic to hold and the weight (unposted) it just right. My decision to purchase the pen and the bottle of Sheaffer ink came after reading this a many of your other blog posts. So, let me say that thanks for the information you have provided us all. Thanks again.

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