Visconti Stackable Pen Case

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My fountain pen collection was expanding and I was trying to find a way to store them neatly. So I went looking around for a pen case. I found this beautiful Visconti stackable pen case at Swisher Pens. Because they had a discount on it I was to late ordering it. After one week I got an email from them that they were back in store if I still was interested. Yes, was my reaction. They shipped it very quickly to Europe. Thank you guys.
Visconti 12-Pen Stackable Case

I think the quality is great. It is made of wood of good quality. It has a looking glass on top. And there's a lot of magnetic fields in it. The drawer is magnetic closed. But on the bed of the pens is also some magnetic field that keeps the pens in their positions.
Visconti 12-Pen Stackable Case

Visconti 12-Pen Stackable Case
You can see my pencollection from left to right:
Parker Sonnet (fine)
Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Limited Edition (medium)
Maita Fashion (fine)
Montblanc 146 (fine)
Visconti Van Gogh (fine)
Pelikan M1000 (fine)
Montblanc 149 (fine)
Lamy 2000 (fine)
Parker Duofold Amber Checkered (medium)
Parker Sonnet (medium)
Old Parker steel Vector?? (I don't know, was one of my first)
Pelikan M205 (fine)

The case is also stackable. I bought two of these fine cases. Up to now I have some room for more pens (I hope my wife don't reads this..... ;-D). Stacking is magnetic fixated.
Visconti 12-Pen Stackable Case

I am glad that I bought these pen-cases now my desk is neat and clean again.

12 pens in one case
30,5 cm (width) x 20 cm (depth) x 4,4 cm (height)
12" (width) x 8" (depth) x 1 3/4" (height)
Magnetic fixation of drawer, pens and stacking
I paid about $130,= (about € 90,=) for one piece.

Visconti 12-Pen Stackable Case


Anonymous said...

Hey Woodworker,

De Parker 2e van rechts, is een Parker 25 als ik het goed zie, en geen Vector.

Bedankt voor je reviews! Keep up the good work!


Richard said...

Thank you Zekay...... I did not know what kind of Parker it was. Thanks for the compliment.

The Archer said...

I agree with Zekay, Woodworker. The unknown Parker is a Parker 25. I have a similar pen, you can see it here:


~Clem/The Archer

Anonymous said...

thanks now i have a vide varity of pens and cases to know

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