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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I did get my first Montblanc Blue Black ink when I bought my Montblanc 146 (fine-nib) fountainpen. This ink behaved very well on Moleskine paper. This Moleskine-paper has a love/hate relatioship with fountainpen inks all over the world. Allthough with this Montblanc Blue Black no bleedtrough or feathering is seen in any of my Moleskine books. I thought all ink of Montblanc did have this quality. But when I bought the color Racing green I was very dissapointed. It was going trough my Moleskine paper as if it was water. So their is a quest wich I labeled "100% moleskine proof".
Montblanc Blue Black ink
The ink comes in beautifull designed bottles. My little kid calls them "shoes"...... But with this intelligent design you can always get the last ink out of the bottle.

Written review in Moleskine - Montblanc Blue Black
In the photo you see a written review:

"Montblanc 146 (fine nib) filled with Montblanc ink Blue Black.
This ink is great, it does not feather or bleed trough any of my Moleskine paper.
The ink has great flow, although drying takes more then 20 seconds.
Color is beautifull saturated and is very useable for businesspeople.
This is the ink you will always have at hand for daily use.
Shading is not visible on this Moleskine paper.

For your information I also tried the Pelikan M1000 (fine), Lamy Safari (fine) and the Parker Duofold (medium) with exeactly the same results. The Parker Duofold flushes a lot of ink on the thin Moleskine paper, but no bleedtrough.

In this picture you can see that their is no bleedtrought at the other side of the Moleskinepaper.
No bleedtrought Montblanc Blue Black in Moleskine
So their it is my first review. I thought no foutainpen or ink existed that would do well on Moleskinepaper. This review shows that it is possible to write on both sides of the Moleskine paper with a fountainpen! Great :-D

I would love to have some feedback.

Montblanc has been known for generations as a maker of sophisticated, highquality writing instruments. In the past few years, the product range has been expanded to include exquisite writing accessories, luxury leather goods and belts, jewellery, eyewear and watches. Montblanc has thus become a purveyor of exclusive products which reflect the exacting demands made today for quality design, tradition and master craftsmanship.

Montblanc is a truly international brand with operations in more than 70 countries. Montblanc sells its products exclusively through its international network of authorized retailers, jewellers and over 360 Montblanc Boutiques worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Nice review, Woodworker! I am glad to know that writing in a Moleskine notebook with a fountain pen is possible. Many have not had success with this combination. When you write with you fountain pen, do you use a little pressure or a lot? I will give this a try myself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review. Go on with your quest!

Woodworker said...

@ journalingarts, I use a little pressure, not much.

Anonymous said...

Medium nib MB 149 has issues with the black MB ink and ordinary Moleskine paper (i.e. hardcover, softcover or cahier: the papers may vary but I have bleeding and feathering issues on all of them). However, the (relatively) recently released Folio range of notebooks (100gsm paper!) have no such issues at all.

timothy said...

Hello Beautiful Writers,
This is a great site. Many thanks Woodworker! I've been using Mont Blanc for 20 years especially their 149 piston fountain pens in Moleskine journals and sketch books. The ink choices are great; red, green, blue/black. Try them all. Experiment. If they bleed turn your word art into picture art. "There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents."

MikeM said...

I have had great success with my MB 146 (Extra Fine) + MB Black with my Moleskine for over a year. MB Black also works well with a Parker Duofold (Fine).

I also write in my Moleskine with a Pelikan M200 using Noodler's Black, and well as Noodler's Legal Lapis. Very nice.

I can deal with bleed through, but cannot abide feathering at all.

Anonymous said...

I am using Montblanc Black on Moleskin. This must be the worst combination of products I have ever seen. There is bleeding, feathering, fading and overall the results is shocking. I can buy cheap ink and it works fine with Moleskin or cheap paper and it works fine with Mont Blanc ink though the writing experience is not good.

In summary I believe the problem lies with the Mont Blanc ink from my experience.

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