New Moleskine for my work

Friday, October 23, 2009

My first Moleskine is almost completed (just a few pages left). So I had to prepare a new one. I wanted to make some slight changes in my GTD-system. I do not make a written list for calls or next actions in my Moleskine. I do that on my laptop with software called Daylite. It is great software, really good for GTD, but it has also great CRM functionality. It synchronizes with my iPhone, so I have always my lists at hand. Pen and paper come in handy when taking notes during the day. And that is what I do in my Moleskine.
New Moleskine

I now made the following index for my Moleskine:
1 - 7 blanco (for what maybe comes later or indexing)
8 - 20 projectlists from my woodworking company (all numbered but printed and glued in)
21 - 41 checklists for everything GTD, projectrelated (all printed and glued in)
43 - 225 note taking section (every day at least a new page, next to every note a project number or opportunity number)
225 - 240 samples for ink testing

New Moleskine

New Moleskine


monanoke said...

Thank you, I've been enjoying your site. You're so organized!!!

Jackie Flaherty said...

I admire your organizational skills with this. Thanks for sharing. You've given me some inspiring ideas of what to do with my moleskin.


unhalfbricking said...

I've always admired GTD but it's just not for me - I prefer things a bit more organic, even though it makes things more messy too. Any excuse to use a Moleskine though. Admiring your dedication!

Anonymous said...

I use an A6 Moleskine for misc notes, tracking paid bills, etc and GTD. The GTD lists help me not to forget things but I still find some of the tasks distasteful. That's how it is.

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